Trans Nzoia to invest in a state-of-the-art chicken slaughter facility

Trans Nzoia Governor George George Natembeya presents a dummy cheque for the building of a state-of-the-art chicken slaughter facility in Maili tatu Kitale

Trans Nzoia County is building a state-of-the-art chicken slaughter facility in Maili tatu in Kitale, that will be managed by the Trans Queens and Kings Cooperative Society.

Speaking during the ground breaking ceremony, Governor George Natembeya expressed optimism that the farmers of Trans Nzoia County and beyond will benefit significantly from the facility, serving as a driving force to enhance production and ensure it operates all year round. He emphasized that the facility will lead to an upsurge in the number of aggregated, slaughtered, and marketed chicken in the county. Furthermore, it will boost membership in producer organizations, generate employment opportunities, and ultimately increase income for farmers while generating profits for producer organizations and market outlets.

The total project cost is estimated at Kshs. 29,204,014, and the facility will have a processing capacity of 1,600 chickens per day. The governor presented a grant of Kshs. 19,994,514 to the cooperative society to aid in the establishment of the facility.

Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya lays a foundation stone for a state-of-the-art chicken slaughter facility in Maili tatu in Kitale

The National Agricultural and Rural Inclusive Growth Project (NARIGP) has identified the local chicken value chain as a priority for support in Trans Nzoia County. The local chicken value chain plays a pivotal role in the county, providing livelihoods for numerous smallholder farmers. However, these farmers face several challenges, including the high costs of low-quality feeds, expensive vaccines and drugs, inadequate management skills, and prevalent pests and diseases. These obstacles have impeded productivity and hindered the sector’s growth potential.

Governor Natembeya urged residents to engage in indigenous chicken rearing, emphasizing that the success of the facility hinges on local demand rather than relying on other counties.

He also highlighted his administration’s dedication to reducing animal feed costs to maximize farmers’ profits. Additionally, he stressed the importance of leveraging veterinary officers’ expertise to maintain standards and ensure the quality of animal products.

The governor urged the contractor to adhere to the agreed-upon timeline for completing the facility. He underscored his administration’s commitment to generating employment opportunities for young people and encouraged residents to join cooperative societies to bolster their bargaining power and strengthen marketing capabilities.

Addressing income disparities in maize production, Governor Natembeya pledged to safeguard farmers in the county from exploitation. He promised support for farmers by introducing improved farming techniques and affirmed his administration’s determination to establish structured market linkages.

County Agriculture CEC Phanice Khatundi said the county is committed to boosting the production of livestock products. She emphasized the project’s focus on forging robust connections with national and regional markets. This strategic approach she said will empower local chicken producers in Trans Nzoia County, enhancing profitability and sustainability within the value chain.

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