Trans Nzoia and GIZ unite on Climate risk assessment

Trans Nzoia County Government and German Agency for international cooperation (GIZ) have launched an initiative that will support the county on participatory climate risk assessment (PCRA), a process that will allow the county to access funding from Financing Locally-Led Climate Action (FLLOCA).

According to Ruth Nyamasege, a Climate Change Specialist at GIZ, the organization will support the county government to enhance the institutional technical capacity to implement the FLLOCA program which is funded by World Bank and other partners including Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

Trans Nzoia Deputy Governor Philomenah Bineah affirmed the county government’s commitment to working with other development partners to address climate change effectively. She said the new administration will prioritize climate change, pointing out that the county is endowed with two water towers, Cherangany and Mt. Elgon, that must be conserved with all pride for the benefit of future generations.

“Trans Nzoia County must ensure that it’s water towers are protected if it is to remain the country’s grain basket, Trans Nzoia administration won’t fail on this, and that’s our promise,” she said. The GIZ delegation had called on her.

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