Nyeri Senator accuses Governor of bogus projects

Nyeri Senator Eng. Ephraim Maina
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Nyeri Senator Ephraim Maina has accused Governor Kahiga of launching bogus agricultural projects in the county to hoodwink the public.

Speaking at a breakfast show at a local Vernacular station this morning, the Senator said the fish rearing project and the distribution of seeds by the County Government of Nyeri were not meant to help the public.

“You see reports that some 20 or so fingerlings are being introduced at Chinga dam then after a while they just disappear. You just wonder which crocodile or animal eats them. Then some two packets of seeds are given out in Kieni,” said the Senator.

At the same time, Senator Maina lauded the government for stabilizing the coffee sector noting that prices for the commodity have increased. He however lamented that the low production among the farmers is the reason why they are not getting a lot of money despite the good prices. “I urge the government to make sure coffee is back where it was during Mzee Jomo Kenyatta’s reign as it also takes care of tea and milk,” he said.

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