Dairy goat and water tanks projects in Nyeri

Nyeri Governor H.E Mutahi Kahiga has launched a dairy goat project and water tanks distribution in Mukurweini Sub-County.

The goat project has targets 15 local farmers’ groups in Mukurwe-ini Central ward where over 300 families will benefit directly.

The 15 groups received a total of 31 does (female) and 15 bucks (male).

The Department of agriculture says French Alphine breed dairy goats are the best breed in the region especially in the areas of Thangathi, Ichamara, Maganjo, Gathungururu, Kimondo, Kaharo, Mbugua, Kiangondu, Karurumo among other areas.

The goats are expected to increase the households’ income from sales of breeding does and bucks as well as create employment for women and the local youth.

The farmer’s will also benefit from the animals’ high quality milk which is good for the aged and small children and high quality manure which will subsequently increase crop production.

The Governor also distributed over 100 water tanks each with 1,000 litres capacity for water harvesting in the area from the Water Department. The Department of Water, Irrigation, Environment and Climate Change has purchased 105 water tanks to enhance roof water harvesting in the households and further purchased 303 water metres in the current financial year. The second batch of tanks will be delivered to the residents this month according to the County.

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