County conducts eat more fish campaign

Tilapia fish. Photo by Kilimo News

The County Government of Nyeri through the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries is running the “Eat More Fish Campaign”, a Nutrition initiative under the Aquaculture Business Development Programme (ABDP).

The campaign is being conducted across the eight sub-counties in the county and is geared towards increasing the income, food security and nutritional status of the wider communities of poor rural households according to the county government. This year’s theme is, ‘Fish for Health and Wealth’.

During the campaign, fish farmers interact with county fisheries officers and learn about various effective fish husbandry techniques that will help boost fish farming and increase their income.

Farmers are also educated on the importance of cleaning and packaging their fish produce well as well as value addition. They are also given the health benefits of fish consumption which contains essential oils and is a great source of protein and minerals. The youth are also encouraged to take part in fish farming as a source of income.

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