Sell your food exorbitantly to our neighbours – Maghufuli tells Tanzanians

Tanzania President Pombe Maghufuli has asked Tanzanians to sell food to their neighbours at exorbitant prices as they have been farming as the neighbours locked themselves up due to Covid19. A clip of the President addressing Tanzanians has since gone viral on social media where he insists that should they decide to sell their food, they should make sure they make a fortune l out of it since they had no shortage of food. Tanzania never went into a lockdown unlike it’s neighbours as the President insisted life had to go on normally.

At one time he banned cargo trucks from Kenya from entering Tanzania after President Uhuru banned all human traffic from crossing over to Kenya with only cargo trucks being allowed. The two leaders later settled the issue amicably. Tanzania mostly sells cereals like maize and vegetables to Kenya like tomatoes and onions and oil seeds.  

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