No express way in Nairobi National Park – KWS

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Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has denied that there is a new express way road being built next to the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) passing through Nairobi National Park. KWS says reports appearing in social media platforms insinuating the same are not true, and a total misrepresentation of the facts.

A photo of an excavator in the park with lions resting on top of soil heaps went viral on social media with many people condemning KWS who manage the Park for allowing the construction of what was alleged to be a new express way road.

In a statement, KWS says that they are however improving a road within the park where the photo was taken. “The correct position is that a local contractor engaged by KWS is improving the road joining KWS Headquarters to Central Workshop inside the Park. Currently, he is scooping murram from a quarry near the Standard Gauge Railway for use on the existing murram road. The contractor will rehabilitate the quarry pit after completing the works on the road in accordance with an Environmental Management Plan approved and availed to him by KWS Management,” says the statement

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