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     As stated earlier, beekeeping has evolved into a modern money making venture. Modern beekeeping has also come with modern beekeeping equipment and here is a continuation of our previous articles on the subject

Beekeeping Suit

The beekeeper’s safety cannot be over emphasized during honey harvesting, and routine maintenance. Indeed, the African tropical bees are very aggressive creatures so adequate protection is required when handling. Initially people used to wear all sorts of paraphernalia when dealing with bees especially during honey harvesting. Anything that appeared like it could stop that bee sting including sacks was used by beekeepers but most of the times the bees still had their way.

But things have changed for the modern beekeeper. “Our beekeeping suits are designed to protect you when coming into close contact with bees, covering you from head to toes. Made from exceptional material, the suits which are derived from cotton and polyester fibres, also ensure your comfort during usage. The suits also have pockets enabling you to store requisite items when in use. In addition, the suit is fitted with elastic bands to seal off any entry points for bees, and guaranteeing your safety during usage, as the bees cannot gain contact with your skin surface. With a well-ventilated design, you can be sure of relative comfort under our Kenyan sweltering sunny conditions, as you work on the apiary. Moreover, with appropriate openings, you can use the mesh-fibre to freely when in need. The lightweight design also adds a layer of comfort to the farmer as you use it for safety,” says Mr. Kyalo Maveke the CEO of Savannah Honey a company that deals with modern beekeeping equipment.

      Beekeeping Gloves

 During beekeeping operations, the safety of your hands require maximum protection for you, and the bees. Savannah Honey makes their beekeeping gloves from cowhide, making them safe for use against the aggressive beestings, and to ensure they are durable to guarantee you years of service.

They also have adequate ventilation to let your hands breathe, avoiding excessive sweating especially during the hot season, hence they are comfortable.

The gloves come in varying sizes to ensure an optimal fit for each user. They are also designed for extra arm and sleeve protection to ensure you have peace of mind since no bees with be able to crawl in and deliver its sting.

There is a canvas layer that provides extra protection. You can also opt for the thinner goatskin variety especially when carrying out sensitive operations where greater accuracy is needed.

      Honey Bucket

This 20-litre plastic container is useful during the honey harvesting process. It is used to hygienically collect and transport honey from the beehives, to the processing area.

Designed with a clear secure lib and a honey gate, you can now conveniently transfer the honey with minimal wastage, since the gate functions as a tap. It is also useful during extraction, as it can transfer honey for storage and packaging.

The Honey Bucket is made from food-grade plastic that is easy to clean, and has a slip-proof metallic handle for moving.

      Uncapping Fork

The Uncapping Fork is made from quality stainless steel, and has teeth for scraping honey during harvesting. It has been designed to easily access areas within the hive that would erstwhile be difficult to reach, so that the farmer can collect all the honey.

The fork has a plastic handle ensuring good grip during usage, and is easy to clean, thereby ensuring hygiene and health safety.

It can also be useful for removing lids from the comb, since the sticky extract covering the hive’s interior makes things rather complicated. You can easily remove combs for inspection, and other maintenance services.

      Beekeeping Brush

The Beekeeping Brush is a little accessory that serves a couple of useful roles.

Made from soft, but sturdy bristles, and a wooden handle, you use it to gently brush off the bees, when the hive is opened, and there is need for inspection. This ensures that little or no damage is inflicted to the insects.

It also comes handy since the supple bristles are completely harmless to the bees. Coming at the convenient dimension of 35 centimetres, and 7cm at the bristles, you can nudge bees from an entire comb with a single swipe of the brush.

      Uncapping Tab

The Uncapping tab comes in handy during honey harvesting. It provides a convenient way for uncapping honey.

Built from strong, sturdy materials, the tab is made to last for several years. Similarly adding a honey gate can be easily done for better service. The uncapping tab weighs about 8 kilos and is made from thick components for durability.

      Hive Scraper Tools

This two piece stainless steel accessory comes with multiple uses during hive scrapping.

It has a curved end that can be used for raising frames during harvesting, or even in routine hive inspection. On the other end is a flat surface that is handy for cleaning off honey, or propolis from the beehive frames.

These accessories can also be used to pry open surfaces, like stuck propolis from hives on their inner walls. They come in hardened heat-treated steel, but watch out as they might be breakable, when extreme force is applied. It can also be used to scrap off excessive beeswax from the hives when necessary

      Plastic Needle Roller

This uncapping tool is helpful during the extracting process. It comes designed with a strong wooden handle, for maximum grip, and soft plastic tips.

These are plastic tips are gently rolled over each cell on the beehive. Use it gently so that the hive is not damaged for the best results. This works hand in hand with an uncapping fork, especially when perforating the comb cells is difficult. The roller then is used afterwards to enable the uncapping process be conducted with ease.

      Electric Uncapping Knife

This electric uncapping knife comes with a built-in thermostat and is useful for removal of wax or honey from the frames during harvesting.

The thermostat ensures that an ideal working temperature is provided, but extra caution should be applied when using it, for prevention of injuries from burns.

The electric uncapping knife heats up quickly enabling you to cut through the solid wax, and hard crystallized honey, effectively. Be careful when using it to prevent accidents.

      Scraper Tool

Weighing about 500grams, the Scrapper tool is a vital component of apiary management. This tool is useful in scrapping all manner of items from the hive: from propolis, to dirt, to foreign particles at the bottom of the hive.

The ABS plastic component makes the scraper resilient, robust for vigorous use, and for effectiveness. It works well with other beekeeping equipment like buckets, and all manner of frames used in beekeeping, for cleaning surfaces.

The Beekeeping Scraper Tool is also useful in opening of hive covers due to its tough and rugged build, and should serve the farmer with ease.

These modern beekeeping equipment are available at Savannah Honey Limited and you can contact them on   – 0724052975, 0721965337, info@savannahhoney.co.ke ,www.savannahhoney.org

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