Turkana County invests in cold chain stores

Turkana County Government has completed building a cold chain store at Lokichar in Turkana South Sub-CountyCounty

The Chief Officer for fisheries, livestock production and veterinary services Abdullahi Yussuf says the completion of the facility will boost the veterinary services directorate’s effort to control the  spread of livestock diseases through timely intervention .

The facility will be used for storage of vaccines, drugs and other disease control equipment to support Turkana South and East Sub-Counties. It will be equipped with fridges for storage of vaccines. Construction of a similar facility that will serve Turkana North and Kibish sub-counties is ongoing in Lokitaung.

In Lodwar, a full-fledged Cold chain store is already in use while the construction of a modern veterinary lab is ongoing. The veterinary lab will be used for major rapid test and analysis of livestock.

According to the County, construction of a cold chain store in Lokori, Turkana East Sub-County has been factored in the next financial year of 2020/2021. The Veterinary Services directorate has already dispatched veterinary drugs and equipment to all sub-counties to support vaccination, treatment and deworming of livestock. The drugs will last for three months.

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