County to rehabilitate Banita Livestock market

Dairy cattle feeding. Photo by Kilimo News

The County Government of Nakuru through the Kenya Livestock Commercialization Project (KeLCOP) held a public participation on the rehabilitation of Banita Livestock Market to enhance the marketing of livestock and livestock products.

During the public participation an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) was also conducted which will predict the environmental and social consequences the project might entail.

County Chief Officer for Public Participation and Citizen Engagement Edward Gitau appreciated the public for coming out to give their views on development issues noting that it will ensure the community gets a better understanding of the project which will ensure the sustainability of the project once completed.

Among the works will include a sales yard with an auction ring, water troughs, rehabilitation of the rehabilitation pens and loading ramps, improved water harvesting at the livestock section works

The project is aimed at increasing income for poor livestock and pastoralist households, food and nutrition security focusing on goat, sheep, apiculture, poultry, and dairy goats value chains. in the county.

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