Uganda moves to Create a Veterinary Medicine Authority

The Uganda State Minister for Animal Industry, Hon. Joy Kabatsi has said Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) is engaging stakeholders to create a body which will help in regulating veterinary medicine in Uganda.
The Minister communicated the new development after a stakeholder’s meeting held in Entebbe.
She said the principles for the Veterinary Medicine and Devices Bill entitled “The Veterinary Medicine Authority Act, 2019” will soon be tabled in cabinet for approval.
The principles establishes the National Veterinary Medicine Authority (UMA) which will be responsible for;
(1) Ensuring the availability of essential, safe, effective, cost effective and quality veterinary medicine in the country.
(2) Regulate the manufacturing, importation, distribution, exportation, sale and use of veterinary medicines and veterinary devices.
(3) Regulate veterinary pharmacies and veterinary medicine outlets.
(4) Regulate clinical and field trials.
(5) Provide for the administration and enforcement of the Act and to,
(6) Provide for the separation of the administration and regulation of veterinary medicines from Human medicines and any other related or incidental matters.

State Minister for Agriculture, Hon. Christopher Kibazanga is also part of the team and played a co-chair role in the meeting that was attended by Mr. Walimbwa Robert the President of Uganda Milk processors Association, Mrs. Silviah Baluuka, President of Uganda Veterinary Association among others.

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