Kshs 8 Billion set aside for cheap maize flour

The Kenyan government has currently set aside Kshs 8 billion for the maize meal subsidy program which will run for a period of 4 weeks, up to 20th August 2022. Addressing the media, Agriculture CS Peter Munya said the Treasury is ready to add more money if the need arises.

The government will use all means including Chiefs and their assistants to make sure the cheap maize flour is sold at the recommended price in all shops.  The maize flour prices across the country as per the government directive are expected to be Kshs 52 for 1 kg, Kshs 100 for 2 kgs, Kshs 30 for half a kilogram (500Grams), Kshs 250 for 5 kgs, Kshs 490 for 10 kgs and Kshs 2,250 for 50 kgs.

The National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) officers have also been assigned to specific mills to monitor the exercise and ensure seamless implementation of the programme.

Munya also said that to operationalize the Maize flour subsidy program, a multi-agency task force has been established comprising representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives (MOALF&C), The National Treasury (TNT), National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB), Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA), Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), Cereals Millers Association (CMA) and other Small and Medium Scale Millers Association oversee the implementation of this program.

Agriculture CS Peter Munya

The CS has also formed an oversight committee shall be chaired by Dr. F.O. Owino Principal Secretary, State Department for Crops Development and Agricultural 3 Research to provide oversight for the smooth implementation of the maize flour subsidy programme 2022.

The government had also signed contracts with 70 millers with more expected to join the programme according to Munya. Participating millers must be registered, or seek registration with Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA)

They should also declare their milling and utilization capacities and stocks held at the commencement date of the programme. Millers shall operate under Associations of Millers for identification and confirmation of the payments and shall submit daily invoices for the subsidy amount due to the Principal Secretary, State Department for Crops Development and Agricultural Research, MOALF&C, Kilimo House.

 The millers will continue to purchase maize at the prevailing market rates and supply maize flour to the market per the subsidy contract’s terms.

“I wish to appeal to my fellow Kenyans to purchase the flour in quantities they would normally use and to avoid panic buying. I wish to thank the Cereal Millers and retail traders for their partnership and keen interest to ensure that food reaches all corners of the country. I have also established a command centre at 0800724891 to be manned from 8.00 am – 5.00 pm daily to ensure seamless implementation of this programme. Finally, Government wishes to alert all agencies involved in this initiative to be alert and avoid any mischief, fraud, or misappropriations including hoarding during this programme. Severe legal action shall be taken against any identified breach,” said Munya

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