Government subsidized fertilizer is here

The cost of fertilizer has gone up in the recent past. Photo by Kilimo News

The subsidized fertilizer as directed by President Dr William Ruto has arrived. The Ministry of Agriculture says that the subsidized fertilizer programme will start with counties undertaking planting during the short rains season of 2022.

The Government has availed Kshs. 3.55 Billion to subsidize 71,000 metric tonnes (1.42 million x 50 kgs bags) of fertilizer for growing food crops during the short rains. The Ministry says this quantity will support the cultivation of approximately 1.4 million acres.

The fertilizer will be availed from the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) effective 19th September 2022. Individual farmers will be entitled to 100 bags of fertilizer (each weighing 50 kg). The Ministry urges farmers n the respective counties to visit NCPB depots or sub-depots to access the fertilizer.

The subsidized fertilizer prices are as follows

DAP                                        Kshs. 3,500

CAN                                        Kshs. 2,875

UREA                                      Kshs. 3,500

NPK                                        Kshs. 3,275

MOP                                      Kshs. 1,775

Sulphate of Ammonia         Kshs. 2,220

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