No wheat or maize import permits, says President Ruto.

No permits will be issued to millers to import wheat or maize into the country.

President William Ruto said the move is aimed at protecting local farmers. He said the Government will only deviate from the directive if the local produce is insufficient. The President pointed out that the Government will allocate Kshs 4 billion to buy maize from farmers. The Head of State maintained that the move is aimed at stabilising prices.

He was speaking on at State House, Nairobi, when he met a delegation from Narok North Constituency “We ask our farmers not to sell their produce at throw-away prices.”

To reduce post-harvest losses over high moisture, the Head of State announced that NCPB driers will be used to dry farmers maize at a minimal fee of Kshs 50. This is from a high of nearly Sh400 a bag.

“Even if farmers don’t want to sell their maize to NCPB, they will have an opportunity to dry their produce at the State agency and store it,” said the President.

The President also said a KCC milk plant will be constructed in Narok to improve milk quality and thus boost prices.

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