Turkana County,Egerton and FAO trial farm

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The pictures below are from a sorghum trial farm at Natiira village, Kakuma ward in Turkana West Sub-County under a pilot project for sorghum cowpeas intercrop, using New Egerton hybrid sorghum EUHS1 and local sorghum intercroped with three groundnuts varieties of EUGN1 and EUGN2 from Egerton and local variety from Turkana.

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The trial which is jointly done by County department of Agriculture, and Food and Agriculture Organisation(FAO)is aimed at determining the best sorghum monocrop,the groundnuts monocrop and the best sorghum-cowpeas intercrop for Turkana county. Other locations with similar farm trials are Kalobeiyei in Turkana West and Nanyee irrigation scheme in Loima Sub-County.

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