Beehives and pasture grass for farmers in Cherangany Chebororwo

The County Government of Elgeyo Marakwet has distributed 80 beehives to 8 groups of 30 members each and 200 bags of 1kg Boma Rhodes pasture seeds to 200 farmers in Cherangany Chebororwo ward. The aim is to improve the socio economic status in the region.

“We are very happy today to distribute the beehives, which is going to be a source of income for our youths in this area,” said Tich Cheboi who is the Area MCA. Cheboi says they are going to recruit all organized and registered groups in order to form a cooperative society, since the area has no registered society. “In the near future, we shall have a cooperative society responsible for processing honey and milk in this area,” he added.

The MCA said it would be profitable to scale up the venture to make our own brand and name it Elma Honey.

The Director of Gender in the County Magrine Serem, said that Cherangany Chebororwo ward has been in the front line in supporting youths which was encouraging.  “This ward is among the few wards that allocated their money in a bid to support youths and women and we are looking forward to make it a model ward,” she said.

David Kandie who is the ward administrator urged the groups to ensure that they make the projects a reality as the county is always ready to support them where necessary. He added that the Boma Rhodes will go a long way in enhancing milk production.

One of the beneficiaries, Risper Kipsang of Lapkei Tai group could not hide her joy as her group was part of those benefiting.  “We sincerely want to pass our heartfelt appreciation to the County Government for this noble cause, we promise to produce a lot of honey, for processing,” she said.

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