Nakuru County starts implementation of the Potato regulations

Harvesting potatoes Photo by Kilimo News


Nakuru County has started implementing the rules that will govern potato trade in the county. The Potato regulations, which were gazetted in April this year, have started taking effect and will change the way the potato sub-sector has been operating in the past. Governor Lee Kinyanjui has said that the County will implement the regulations fully. If you are a stakeholder in the potato sub-sector in Nakuru, this is what you need to know:

  • All potatoes shall be measured in kilograms.
  • Maximum weight of a single unit package of Irish potatoes shall be 50kgs.
  • Those growing and selling Irish potatoes shall use a weighing scale that is properly calibrated, inspected and approved by the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • All Irish potato growers, growers associations, dealers and transporters shall be registered with the County Government’s Department of Agriculture.
  • Crop inspectors are allowed to enter any land or premises, stop and enter any vehicle to ascertain that these regulations are being adhered to.
  • The inspector shall seize and detain Irish potato packages that do not conform to these regulations at the cost of the offender.
  • Any person that contravenes these regulations commits an offence and is liable, on conviction, to a fine not exceeding Kshs 500,000 or imprisonment not exceeding one year, or both.

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