Maize thief given a stray dog’s beating after failed mission

Maize in a farm. Photo by Kilimo News

A man who had invaded a maize plantation and was busy harvesting his neighbours crop is fighting for his life at Molo Sub County hospital, after the farm owner trampled on him aggressively like a charged buffalo.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Bariton Michoma, who lives in the legendary Miti Mirefu village known for its notoriety in producing the most potent local brew had retired to bed early after a long day’s work, helping his neighbour harvest his maize crop.

At Miti Mirefu and neighbouring Tayari, Moto and Kangawa farms, farmers are known to combine their efforts in assisting one another harvest their crop in the spirit of good neighbourliness, a practice that has been passed on from generations.

Michoma’s crop was therefore ready and it was only a matter of time before his turn came and the whole village descended on it like a swarm of bees and in a few hours his granary would be full to the brim.

However, at around 11pm last night, he heard some activity going on in the farm followed by human chattering. Wikirite ndusura cigana? (How many sacks have you filled?) Mugwanja (Seven) a second voice answered.

A bewildered Michoma sat on the bed and listened carefully just to clear his doubts that ndusura wasn’t a bag full of maize! Twikire mangi matatu (let us fill three more!) The voice continued, sending a shiver down Michoma’s spine!

At this juncture, he leapt from his bed and tiptoed to the door with the stealth of a cat on the prowl. But as he unlatched and opened it with care, the door that had clearly seen better days let out a loud squeak from its aging hinges, making Michoma go bonkers as he rushed outside!

Uuuuugwi! Uuuuuugwi! Machirani! Gwesi! gwa Maindi! Gwesi! gwa maindi!!!!

What followed was a chase in the maize plantation as Michoma went after the thugs who flattened almost 300 stalks as they fled from Miti Mirefu escarpment, towards mtaa wa saba for dear life.

However, one of the thugs turned back and attacked Michoma with a machete as the remaining two dived into the reeds of an adjacent dam to save their skin, briefly disrupting an incoherent chorus of croaking toads whose abode had just been rudely invaded.

But a determined Michoma went after the remaining attacker’s jugular vein with his bear hands squeezing it with furry, until the thug later identified as John Mwangi let go of the machete.

What followed was Michoma’s sweet revenge as he descended on the thug without consideration like a rented mule.

By the time his neighbours arrived, the suspect whose mandibular anatomy had been severely disfigured and several molars could be spotted at the scene, couldn’t mutter a word.

It took the intervention of Corporal Kagwima who was the first to arrive at the scene accompanied by two officers, who saved the thug from the visibly angry mob and rushed him to hospital where he is currently receiving treatment.

Michoma was also treated at the same facility for a cut just above the right eye and is responding well to treatment.

Meanwhile, Miti Mirefu farmers are mobilizing their efforts to assist Michoma harvest his crop soonest possible to save him from further damage.

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