KEBS suspends 10 cooking oil brands declaring them unsafe to consumers

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The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has suspended the sale of 10 brands of cooking oil.

The standards body says it recently sampled and analysed brands of edible oil and fats manufactured by various oil refineries in Kenya in the interest of fulfilling its mandate of protecting the health and economic welfare of consumers and ensuring a level playing field. The samples were drawn from supermarkets. KEBS says the 10 cooking oil and fat brands failed to meet the standards.  

KEBS has therefore requested the Retail Traders Association of Kenya which draws its membership from supermarkets in the country to ask the supermarkets to recall the brands and remove them from their supply chain across the country.

KEBS says this is not a ban but a temporary suspension to protect consumers from unsafe products, safeguard the interests of manufacturers who have complied with the standards, and allow the manufacturers of the affected brands to comply as directed under its supervision. It has also directed that the withdrawn or quarantined products should undergo verification by KEBS before being placed back on the shelves.

Below is the list of the suspended brands.

Cooking oil brands suspended by KEBS

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