Agriculture allocations – National Budget FY 2022/23

Since last year, agriculture allocation has been decreasing in the National Budget. These are some allocations to the sector announced by Finance CS Ukur Yatani in this year’s budget.

  • Ksh 3.0 billion to subsidize farmers during the current planting season.
  • Ksh 2.7 billion in the FY 2022/23 to cushion the farmers while sustaining food production.
  • Ksh10.2 billion to support the conservation of forests and water towers.
  • Ksh 212.1 million for modernization of cooperative cotton ginneries and a further
  • Ksh 250.4 million for the Cotton industry revitalization.
  • Ksh 4.2 billion will go to the National Agricultural and Rural Inclusivity Project.
  • Ksh 1.7 billion for the Kenya Cereal Enhancement Programme.
  • Ksh 1.9 billion has been proposed for the Emergency Locusts Response
  • Ksh 1.5 billion for the National Value Chain Support Programme
  • Ksh 1.1 billion for the Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme II
  • Ksh 1.5 billion for the Small Scale Irrigation and Value Addition Project
  • Ksh 690 million for Food Security and Crop Diversification Project.
  • Ksh 2.7 billion for Fertilizer Subsidy to cushion farmers during the short rains from October to December 2022. This is in addition to the Ksh 3 billion allocated in the FY 2021/22.
  • Ksh 500 million for Free Disease Holding Ground in Lamu.
  • Ksh 1.7 billion for the Kenya Livestock Commercialization Programme
  • Ksh 121 million for Livestock Production under the “Big Four” initiative.
Jafi fish farm at Eshisiru Lurambi Sub-County.
  • Ksh 1.9 billion for the Aquaculture Business Development Project.
  • Ksh 2.8 billion for Kenya Marine Fisheries & Socio-Economic Development Project
  • Ksh 1.3 billion for Exploitation of Living Resources under the Blue Economy
  • Ksh 1.0 billion for the construction of Fish Processing Plant in Lamu
  • Ksh 270.0 million for Coastal Fisheries Infrastructure Development
  • Ksh 210 million for rehabilitation of Fish Landing Sites in Lake Victoria
  • Ksh 204.0 million for Aquaculture Technology Development and Innovation Transfers
  • Ksh 126.3 million for the development of the Blue Economy initiatives. 
  • Ksh 147 million for the Climate Smart Agricultural Productivity Project
  • Ksh 850 million to enhance drought resilience and sustainable livelihood
  • Ksh 178.0 million towards Ending Drought Emergencies in Kenya
  • Ksh 421 million for the Livestock and Crop Insurance Scheme to reduce the vulnerabilities of Kenyan farmers to diseases and natural disasters.
  • Ksh 1.1 billion for Processing and Registration of Title deeds
  • Ksh 769 million for Digitization of Land Registries
  • Ksh 130 million for the Construction of Land Registries.
  • Ksh 90.0 million for Revitalization of Cotton Industry
The Fall armyworm ©FAO/Lekha Edirisinghe
  • Ksh 300 million for mitigation of Fall Army Worm
  • Ksh 200million for the establishment of a Liquid Nitrogen Plant
  • Ksh 200 million towards the Embryo Transfer Project
  • Ksh 250 million for construction and refurbishment of the Leather Science Institute.  

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