Tanzania signs agreement with WFP

The National Food Storage Agency (NFRA) of Tanzania will purchase produce from farmers and store it using a digital system.

This was said by the Chief Executive Officer of NFRA, Dr. Andrew Komba during a ceremony to sign the Cooperation Grant between the National Food Security Agency (NFRA), the Cereals and Mixed Crops Board (CPB) and the World Food Program (WFP) held in the city Dodoma.  The event was witnessed by the Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Hussein Bashe (Mb).

In addition, Dr. Komba said that part of the agreement of the grant is the purchase of maize from NFRA and CPB which will start between 15th and 20th July 2024.

The contract is worth 22 million US dollars and will involve the purchase of 60,000 tons of corn from farmers. The move will solve the market and price challenge for farmers as the Government will announce the indicative price for the purchase of those crops.

NFRA in collaboration with WFP, will increase the shopping centres this year to reach many farmers in quickly and reduce the distance in the shopping exercise.

The WFP representative, Mrs. Sarah Gordon-Gibson thanked the Government of Tanzania for continuing to cooperate with WFP in developing the agricultural sector. She said that between 2011 and 2023, WFP purchased more than 223,000 tons of white corn and 4,000 tons of sorghum for a total value of more than 60 million US dollars from NFRA.

Other leaders who attended are the Acting Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture Mr Obadia Nyagiro, Vice Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Industry, Trade, Agriculture and Livestock, Hon. Mariam Ditopile Mzuzuri (Mb), Members of the Standing Committee of the Parliament together with the General Director of CPB, Mr Patrick Mongella.

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