Siaya county agriculture one year score card

Siaya Governor James Orengo distributes maize seeds to farmers

The County government of Siaya has in the past one year recruited 71 Agricultural extension officers to ensure farmers have access to Agricultural extension services. The recruitment is among the achievements listed by the county in the agriculture department for the last one year.

The county also acquired seven new tractors and repaired fifteen others to support mechanized farming which the county says led to increase in the aggregate acreage for food production.

The Siaya county government also attributes an increase of 16.96% in maize production to 159 metric tonnes of certified seeds and 228 metric tonnes of fertilizer supplied to farmers at subsidized rates.

On blue economy, the report says 218 new fish ponds were constructed, 353 ponds stocked with fingerlings while 167 metric tonnes of fish feeds and 403,000 fingerlings were supplied to farmers in Siaya. To enhance safety of fishermen, the county Government procured and distributed safety gears to fishermen, procured five engine boats and two patrol boats to mitigate water related incidents.

The County Government under the leadership of Governor James Orengo also initiated the construction of Siriwo rice mill in Usonga Ward to promote commercial rice farming.

10,434 one month old chicks were also distributed to farmers across the county while 10 hatching incubators were distributed to farmers in Yala township ward.

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