Ice flake making machine boosts fish traders.

Nakuru County Agriculture Chief Officer Newton Mwaura with a member of the Rech fish traders group at Top market in Nakuru

A fish traders’ group at Top Market in Nakuru has been able to increase their fish stock after acquiring an ice flake making machine.  The Rech fish traders group received the machine two months ago from the County Government of Nakuru through the Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme II (ASDSP).

Agriculture Chief Officer Newton Mwaura visited the group to assess the impact of the machine on the group which was being affected by post production losses due to the perishability of fish.

Nakuru Agriculture Chief Officer Newton Mwaura gets instructions on adding ice flakes to fish from fish traders at Top market

The Rech fish traders group says it has been able to increase the number of procured fish stocks to 1200 kg per day valued at Kshs. 360,000 from the previous 1000 Kg/day valued at Kshs. 300,000 due to the availability of ice flakes used for storage. This has led to a reduction of post-production losses of 50kgs of fish per day valued at Kshs 15,000. The group has been earning an income from the sale of ice flakes to group members and other consumers valued at Kshs. 1200 per day.

The Ice flake-making machine has a 300 kgs. ice making capacity and 150 kgs. storage capacity with a 1000 litres tank for water storage.

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