Governor Mandago warns on chemicals

Uasin Gishu County Governor Jackson Mandago has warned against the sale of farm chemicals that are widely banned and scientifically proven to have adverse health effects.

Speaking at a farmer’s field day in Moiben Sub-County, Mandago said that agro vet shops should stop selling chemicals that are already prohibited. “We are trying as much as possible to promote the cultivation of high-value promotional crops for export. For this reason, we are also warning against sale of farm substances and chemicals that are banned in markets,” said Mandago.

Mandago’s administration is rooting for a program of promoting the cultivation of high-value promotional crops, including and not limited to avocado and passion fruits for export. Kenyan exports have on several occasions suffered setbacks especially in European markets, on reports of excessive spraying of chemicals.

“If you are running an agro vet shop, make sure you don’t sell to my farmers what you know it is not acceptable for the export market, this is particularly for promotional crops that are meant for export,” added the Governor. Mandago also asked farmers to keep receipts when they purchased chemicals for follow up.

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