Policy defined as a set of ideas or a plan of what to do in particular situations that have been agreed to officially by a group of people, a business organization, a government, or a political party. In every sector governments policy or guiding documents is crucial to all including private sector to examine if their activities and investments are aligned with goverment policy. Agriculture in Kenya, the main guiding document is Agricultural Sector Transformation and Growth Strategy 2019- 2029 or ASTGS 2029 in short. It was launched a couple of months ago and is expected to guide the sector until 2029. 

It is anchored on 3 pillars increase small scale farmers, pastoralists and fisherfolks income, increase agricultural output and value addition, boost household food resilience. Has also identified 9 flagships to guide its implementation. 

Flagship 1: Increase small scale farmer,pastrolists and fisherfolks incomes. This is targeting 1million farmers in 40zones producing crops, livestock and fish served by 1000 farmer facing SMEs that provide inputs equipment, processing and post harvest aggregation. So I know people may ask which are these 40zones? how were they identified? And 1000 farmer facing SMEs who are they and how will they be selected/ identified.
Flagship 2: Shift national wide subsidy programme focus to empower around 1.4 million registered high needs farmers to access a wide range of inputs..from variety of private and public providers using e-vouchers with Digital service delivery. 
I’m a believer of subsidy because countries all over the world subsidise their agriculture using various means…so question will be how will the beneficiary farmers be identified? Also how will the providers be identified? SURPRISINGLY government seem to have abandoned Galana Kulalu…only aiming at putting additional 40,000acres under irrigation.

To get these answers read screen shots below and stay here for further clarifications. Also visit ministry of agriculture website and get your copy.

ASTGS 2019-2019

Latest Agriculture Strategy for Kenya

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