Highlights of budget allocations in the agriculture sector

  • Kshs. 3.4 billion was allocated for expanded community household irrigation while Kshs. 3 billion was set aside to subsidize the supply of farm inputs through the e-voucher system to reach 200,000 small scale farmers.
  • Kshs. 850 million will be used to cater for rehabilitation of wells, water pans and underground tanks in Arid and Semi-arid Lands (ASAL) areas using local labour.
  • Tree nursery operators are also set to benefit as the government plans to use Kshs. 540 million to enhance tree planting programme across the country using locally sourced seedlings.  
  • Kshs. 1.5 billion will be used to assist flower and horticultural farmers to access international markets during this period when we are experiencing low cargo traffic in and out of the country due to the Covid19 pandemic.
  • Flood control also got Kshs. 1 billion to support flood control measures using local labour in the most affected areas.
  • Kshs 82.7b to support environment and water conservation
  • Kshs. 52.8 billion for food and nutritional security
  • Kshs. 42.6 Billion geared towards the water and sewerage infrastructure.
  • Kshs. 10.9 Billion for the management of water resources
  • Kshs. 8.6 Billion to support water storage.
  • I have set aside Kshs. 52.8 Billion for food security
  • Maize or corn seeds exempted  from tax to make them available to farmers

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