Project training entrepreneurs in banana value addition

Uganda’s Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries has kick-started training of representatives from Banana growing communities.

The training sessions which are focused on value addition have started in the major Banana growing areas value addition facilities that were established by a partnership project (Banana Livelihoods Diversification Project() of MAAIF, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the Global Environment Facility.

The project was introduced to support the communities to better adapt to the effects of climate change through Banana value addition to provide greater opportunities for income generation, poverty  reduction and food security.The ministry says the project has delivered 9 processing facilities, 1 Juice Processing facility in Bushenyi, 4 wineries, 4 Banana Solar Drying Facilities and 200 bio-digesters.

Through this project entrepreneurs in agribusiness are supported to add value to bananas also known as Matooke, and process products like Wine, Banana Chips and Flour which fetch higher prices and profits for them and the farmers linked to the facilities.

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