Planting your Hass Avocado seedlings

Hass avocado seedlings


After purchasing the Hass seedlings, the next step is planting.

1. The spacing between one seedling to the other should be between 6-10 meters, (determined by the farmer’s size of land)

2. The planting hole should be 2 by 2 feet, both depth and width (recommended to be round in shape)

3. Separate the top soil from the sub-soil.

4. Set aside one debe of manure

5. While planting mix the manure with the sub-soil well either in the hole or before filling the hole with the mixture

6. Add a handful of DAP fertilizer and still mix it thoroughly with the mixture of the manure and the subsoil. Add the top soil and mix

7.  Fill the hole with the mixture and then level it with the normal ground

8. Mark the center of the hole

9. Take the seedling and unwrap the polythene around it carefully

10. Do not remove the soil holding the roots together. Make a hole at the center and plant. Let the soil cover the seedling up to the point where the wrapping paper had reached.

11. In case of dry weather, water the plant thoroughly.Next we discuss how to manage the plant to ensure that one gets many and quality fruits.

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